Regional Business Unit

Toyota Tsusho has established separate locally domiciled entities in several countries in Asia Pacific such as Thailand, Indonesia, and so on. However, with economic development and the rapid environmental change, the linkage between these countries has increasingly been becoming stronger. This has made this region one large market and supply base and as such, it has become more necessary to build up a management infrastructure and formulate strategies so that company can make efficient decisions. Under these circumstances, Regional Business Unit has been established in 2012 as regional headquarter in Asia Pacific region of Toyota Tsusho Corporation.

We are now strengthening our regional function to manage this region as One Asia Pacific. This enables our company to respond more appropriately to specific multi-country needs in such Asia Pacific sub-regions as ASEAN and Mekong territories, and develop new business opportunities that go beyond a single country strategy.


Key Functions
  • Finance/Accounting : Set KPI to evaluate business performance and implement this to
    AS subsidiaries in Asia Pacific Region
  • HR : To extend basic education (ex. TTC way) to subsidiaries
  • ERM/Legal/Safety & Kaizen : Boost up Management Level in each subsidiaries
  • Internal Control : Standardize the Management Level through Internal Control Project
  • IT Technology : IT Governance/Compliance, AO Region Infrastructure Standardization and A Grade Company Support