Whistle Blowing Policy

We have a responsibility towards external parties. We recognise that given the dynamic business environment, good governance practices must continue to evolve in order to remain relevant to the times. As such, we have incorporated a Whistle-blowing Policy and made available channel for reporting in confidence of unethical or illegal acts.

The Whistle-blowing Policy aims to encourage the reporting in good faith of any suspected improper conduct whilst protecting the whistleblowers from reprisals within the limits of the law. Toyota Tsusho Asia Pacific Pte Ltd will protect the confidentiality and anonymity of the whistleblowers.

Improprieties affecting TOYOTA TSUSHO ASIA PACIFIC PTE LTD shall include but not limited to the following:

  1. 1) Fraud
  2. 2) Violation of Company Regulations
  3. 3) Breach of Law
  4. 4) Mismanagement
  5. 5) Corruption
  6. 6) Any Criminal or Unethical Acts


How to report

Reports must be made in writing by providing the following information:

  • Details of the party(ies) involved
  • Date/s or period/s of time
  • Type of concern
  • Evidence substantiating the report (where possible)
  • Contact details (in case further information is required)


The complaint can be sent via email :


Toyota Tsusho Asia Pacific Pte Ltd will treat all reports received, the process of investigation and the results of investigation in confidence.

The Whistleblower (if he or she identifies himself or herself) will be notified upon completion of the investigation.