Message from the President & CEO


As part of the Toyota Tsusho Group worldwide, our mission is to create new innovative businesses to meet the ever-changing needs of an evolving social environment and improve the quality of life for the benefit of humankind.

The global dynamic change of the business and societal environment provides an opportunity to uncover potential growth with a primary focus on social development for qualitative living upon which we build the foundation for value creation within our organisation.

Headquartered in Singapore, Toyota Tsusho Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd’s wide range of businesses allows itself to attain a far-reaching global business presence which extends beyond the Asia Pacific and Oceania region into several other countries across the world.

To further succeed in our mission, we value the importance of ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ of individuals in our progressively changing business environment. We believe that the integration, harmonisation and embracement of all forms of differences will enable us to attain greater heights and realise our vision in creating a better tomorrow for the global community.

Our aspirations, passion, commitment and unfaltering spirit, drive us to understand and prioritise the needs of our customers and that of society. In turn, we hope to shape our business model and become an invaluable corporation that will always challenge the boundaries and explore new possibilities.

As we fundamentally believe that we have in one way or another touched and enriched the lives of many people with our business footprint, I would like to express my gratitude and heartfelt thanks in allowing us the opportunity to accomplish that.

Thank you for your invaluable support and interest in our company.

Mr Hiroyuki Isono,
President & Managing Director