Innovative BusinessChemicals & Electronics

The Innovative Business was formed in April 2014 and to synergize the activities related to the Automotive, Lifestyle, & Electronics Business Units (BU). This affiliation allows us a wide base to develop innovative business models to meet the ever-dynamic immediate and future needs in Asia Pacific region.

In line with the Global 2020 Vision, our development activities includes the latest technology in personal mobility and its supporting eco-system (Mobility), the integration of products and services that caters to inclusive needs and as well as general well-being (Life & Community), and improve the current urban environment by reducing vehicular noise by providing sound barrier made with latest technology & materials at competitive pricing (Earth & Resource).

The activities pose great challenges, as we are constantly navigating in uncharted territories. However, we believe this Vision is a necessity to keep our business sustainable, and at the same time be a constant contributor to make a better society.

Main Products & Services:
  • Eco-system (Mobility)
  • Life & Community
  • Earth & Resource